Sunday, February 11, 2007

Palm Springs

In May of 2006; I spent 8 days in the Palm Springs - Palm Dessert Area driving and bicycling around and collecting landscape images for the paintings that follow. In the years previous I had done a series of night time images which included swimming pools at night, and then I always had this interest in perfectly manicured lawns and maintained landscape. So Palm Springs with it's golf courses and swimming pools seemed like an ideal place to satisfy my visual needs. What I found when I got there was a dichotomy between the places I had access to and what I was on the outside of.. usually a gate or a wall. I noticed water in an entirely different way too, and the green tarp fences illuminated by the sun were something new for me.
So, I took it all in. The paintings that follow are what came from my experience.

Pool with Yellow Float
oil on panel
16" x 24"

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